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The David Pakman Show

Jan 21, 2022

--On the Show: --Two of Donald Trump's former lawyers, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, have been subpoenaed to testify before the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021 Trump riots

--A visibly sweaty Trump is interviewed by Newsmax before his recent rally in Florence, Arizona, and it's a veritable house...

Jan 20, 2022

--On the Show:

--Vincent Racaniello, virology professor at Columbia University and host of This Week in Virology, joins David to discuss the Omicron variant, the future of the pandemic, the evolution of viruses, and much more

--Joe Biden and Democrats' voting rights bill collapses as Democrats fail to change filibuster...

Jan 19, 2022

--On the Show:

--Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz' ex-girlfriend has been given immunity in the sex trafficking investigation that appears to be closing in on Gaetz

--The Republican Party will be pulling out of presidential debates for future elections

--The latest COVID scam is anti-vaxxers telling people to...

Jan 18, 2022

--On the Show:

--Elizabeth Coppock, Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Boston University, joins David to discuss how "textualist" interpretations of law are sometimes based on mistaken readings of the relevant texts

--What Republicans increasingly refer to as "freedom" is actually a very dark authoritarian vision...

Jan 17, 2022


--On the Show:

--Geoffrey West, theoretical physicist and professor at the Sante Fe Institute, joins David to discuss his book Scale: The Universal Laws of Growth, Innovation, Sustainability, and the Pace of Life in Organisms, Cities, Economies, and...