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The David Pakman Show

May 13, 2022

--On the Show:

--Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones explodes during a recent segment telling his audience that they must buy his products in order to save the world

--Fox Host Maria Bartiromo visibly struggles to control Donald Trump Jr during a recent interview

--Caller asks if Republicans are going for an...

May 12, 2022

--On the Show:

--Steve Kaufman, former Canadian diplomat and polyglot who speaks 20 languages, joins David to discuss learning languages and much more

--A judge rules that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' new Congressional maps are completely biased and must be thrown out

--Two Republicans have been fired for an alleged...

May 11, 2022

--On the Show:

--Republican Charles Herbster, the Republican Nebraska Gubernatorial candidate endorsed by Donald Trump and accused by multiple women of groping, has lost his primary election

--The left needs better arguments on the issue of abortion

--National confidence in the Trump-filled Supreme Court...

May 10, 2022

--On the Show:

--Coleman Hughes, writer, opinion columnist, and host of the Conversations with Coleman podcast, joins David to discuss censorship, free speech, protesting, and much more

--Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz releases a pro-gun political campaign advertisement so absurd it seems like...

May 9, 2022

--On the Show:

--Russian is accused of bombing a school in Ukraine and 60 are feared dead as Russia's "victory day" is here

--Republicans quickly set their sights beyond overturning Roe v Wade as Texas Governor Greg Abbott is talking about Plyler v Doe, and Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves won't rule out going...