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--On the Show:

--Farron Cousins, Co-Host of Ring of Fire Radio, fills in for David

--Paul Manafort is indicted on sixteen counts of mortgage fraud and conspiracy by a Manhattan grand jury, which may very well add to his 43-month prison sentence resulting from charges brought by special counsel Robert Mueller

--CNN obtains emails detailing a backchannel between Rudy Giuliani and Michael Cohen, implying witness tampering and obstruction of justice by the Trump team

--House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sides against impeaching President Trump, saying "he’s just not worth it"

--Trumpist Twitter troll Jacob Wohl reported death threats made against him to the Minneapolis Police Department, but it appears as though Wohl concocted the threats himself

--Coast Guard Lieutenant Christopher Hasson, who plotted the murder of prominent Democrats and journalists, will not face terrorism charges

--George Conway, husband of Trump propagandist Kellyanne Conway, calls for a "serious inquiry" into President Trump's mental "condition"

--Despite many concerning climate change reports that surfaced in 2018, corporate media barely reported on the topic with major networks only dedicating a combined 142 minutes to its coverage

--Air pollution is causing the deaths of millions of people per year, now edging out smoking according to a recent World Health Organization study

--Farron gives his take on why Democrats packing the Supreme Court won't solve any major problems

--Former House Speaker Paul Ryan offers his advice to Democrats on how to beat Trump, as if anyone cares

--On the Bonus Show: Tucker Carlson controversy continues, Joe Biden's time has passed, Georgia lawmaker fights back against anti-abortion bill, and much more...

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