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On the Show:

--Mike Papantonio, attorney and co host of Ring of Fire Radio, joins David to discuss his new legal thriller Law and Disorder

--Yet another man is shot by police for being insubordinate, and allegations have surfaced that he was unarmed, disabled and pleaded with officers not to be shot

--During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump lied considerably more than Hillary Clinton, 34 to 6

--Republican candidate Donald Trump is clearly disappointed and embarrassed by his debate performance, but his damage control has been as bad or even worse

--Hatriot Mail

--Despite overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrating climate change is man-made, Trump campaign manager Kellyann Conway admits Trump believes it is merely naturally occurring

--Chelsea Clinton implies that marijuana is killing people, hinting that it is responsible for multiple deaths in Colorado

--Pat Robertson, host of the 700 club, makes yet another crazy remark, saying the devil is using Halloween to "destroy you"

--Kristopher Boeson becomes the first ever quadriplegic to regain motor function of his upper body, thanks to scientific advances in stem-cell research

--Voicemail on Amy Schumer's Bud Light commercial and the gender pay gap

--On the Bonus Show: Humans on Mars in six years, Denmark going after food waste, a new breakthrough fighting Chron's Disease and more...

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On the Show:

--Luke Vargas, United Nations Bureau Chief for Talk Media News, joins David from the site of the first 2016 presidential debate to discuss the aftermath of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's 90 minute conversation

--Donald Trump's debate performance in the first national debate makes Saturday Night Live irrelevant and was indistinguishable from a parody

--Donald Trump's out of control lying during the first debate against Hillary Clinton is explored

--We review Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump's "strongest" moments during his first debate against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton

--David's Instagram pictures from his recent trip to Italy are featured

--Republican nominee Donald Trump claims he had a defective microphone during the first presidential debate against Hillary Clinton

--Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump selects climate change denier Myron Ebell to lead his Environmental Protection Agency transition team according to two sources within Trump's campaign

--Saudi Arabian women file a petition to end the male guardianship system, which will likely go nowhere

--The Eggman leaves a voicemail about recent new advertisers on The David Pakman Show

--On the Bonus Show: Introducing Pat, 911 calls over the 1st presidential debate, journalists at the 1st presidential debate charges $200 for wireless internet, more...

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On the Show:

--Richard Wolff, Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Massachusetts, joins David to discuss the inherent contradictions of the finance world and our economic system

--We preview the first presidential debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, moderated by Lester Holt

--Donald Trump is up against a formidable and seasoned debater in Hillary Clinton, but could he fake it until he makes it?

--Notable Amazon items

--According to a recent study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, immigrants are not taking away so-called "American jobs" and their impact on wages is minimal

--Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on the debate between counter-terrorism measures and preserving civil liberties in light of the recent New York and New Jersey bombings

--David has yet another fainting incident, this time 40,000 feet in the air

--Voicemail about David not commenting on Donald Trump's appearance on Jimmy Fallon's program

--On the Bonus Show: Staffing and the future of the show, stories from David's Italy trip and more...

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Classic episode from August 12, 2016

On the Show:

--Attorney Mike Papantonio, co host of Ring of Fire Radio, discusses the latest 3,500 court cases against Dupont regarding the Teflon toxic chemical implications.

--Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is leading in 19 polls against Donald trump; she is also leading in the top 15 polls against all four candidates, including Jill Stein and Gary Johnson

--Libertarian Gary Johnson could help Democratic candidate Hillary win seven states, drawing votes away from Republican candidate Donald Trump.

--Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump goes unhinged during a speech and calls current President Barack Obama, "Founder of ISIS."

--Documentary recommendation: Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru.

--Secret Service speaks to Republican candidate Donald Trump about inferring someone should kill Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

--Republican candidate Donald Trump speaks at an outrageously, vile and sickening anti-gay conference.

--Donald Trump wants to ban pornography if elected President of the United States of America.

--Tesla autopilot delivers driver, Joshua Neally, to a hospital after a pulmonary embolism incident in Springfield, Missouri

--Voicemail on Trump's assassination comments

--On the Bonus Show: Fatal shooting at citizen police academy, Olympic ghost towns, racist Snapchat filters, more...

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Classic episode from August 11, 2016

On the Show:

--Bill Scher, Senior Writer at Campaign for America's Future & Contributing Editor at Politico, joins David to discuss the latest election polling, the bizarre implosion of the Trump campaign and more.

--Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump suggested the possibility that gun owners use their guns against Hillary Clinton in remarks at a campaign rally Tuesday in Wilmington, N.C.

--Donald Trump lays the groundwork for potentially dodging any debate with Hillary Clinton or at least skewing it to his advantage.

--Julian Assange implies murdered DNC staffer Seth Conrad Rich and not Russia was, in fact, the Wikileaks DNC email source.

--Hatriot Mail.

--David is hit with straw-man arguments regarding Jill Stein's vaccine comments.

--Independent Republican candidate Gary Johnson could tip scales in favor of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Utah.

--There may actually be audio tapes of former Fox News chief, Roger Ailes, sexually harassing his employees.

--Khizr Khan, the father of slain military Captain Humayun Khan, claims Allah is causing Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump to make mistakes.

--Voicemail from 81-Year-Old Woman who loves the show.

--On the Bonus Show: Far more discarded food than we though and DOJ confirms Baltimore police corruption, more...

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Classic episode from August 4, 2016

On the Show:

--David Hone, lecturer in zoology at Queen Mary University of London, joins David to dispel some common dinosaur myths

--A new poll from Fox News places Hillary Clinton ten points ahead of Donald Trump: 49% to 39%

--RNC chair Reince Priebus is described as “very frustrated” and “stressed,” because he is “running out of excuses” to offer party bigwigs about Donald Trump’s political incompetence and indifference to basic political norms

--Documentary recommendation: Rich Hill

--Donald Trump described vivid details from a video of Iranian officials unloading cash from an airplane; the money was part of a payment, from the U.S. to Iran, to settle a decades-old dispute over an incomplete weapons sale

--Donald Trump proposes an alliance between Russia and the US to fight ISIS; an allegiance that has existed for a year

--Katrina Pierson, Donald Trump's spokeswoman, backtracks on her claim that President Obama was responsible for the 2004 death of Captain Humayun Khan

--Comcast has informed the FCC that it should be able to apply extra charges to broadband users looking to protect their privacy

--Voicemail on Donald Trump's IQ

--On the Bonus Show: Professional joint-rolling, private company moon-landing, Olympic hilarity is continuing, more...

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Classic episode from July 11, 2016

On the Show:

--John Johnson, MIT PhD who runs an econometrics consultancy in Washington, D.C and co-author of Everydata: The Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data you Consume Every Day, joins David to discuss how to avoid falling prey to misinformation, including political polls and claims by advertisers

--Twelve police officers in Dallas were shot (five of whom died) by of 25-year-old black man Micah Xavier Johnson, who according to police wanted to kill white people, specifically white cops

--The Dallas shooting was indeed a racially motivated hate crime

--Noteworthy Amazon items: Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot

--Students for Justice in Palestine has linked the Dallas shooting, and shootings of black people by police, to Israel

--The Dallas shooting was not the first time police have used bombs on citizens; in 1985 Philadelphia there was an aerial bomb dropped by police

--Sen. Bernie Sanders has acknowledged that he plans to join presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail

--Following Gretchen Carlson's lead, six more women have accused Fox chief Roger Ailes of sexual harassment

--Voicemail on the ultimate conspiracy

--On the Bonus Show: Baton Rouge filmer arrested, the pleasure of missing out, Buffalo to host kale eating competition, more...

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Classic episode from July 5, 2016

On the Show:

--Sean Carroll, theoretical physicist at Caltech, and author of the new book The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself, joins David to discuss the book and the Universe

--Donald Trump tweets out a meme of Hillary Clinton created by a white supremacist website that includes a six pointed Star of David on top of a pile of cash with Hillary Clinton's face

--Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, defended Trump’s use of the white supremacist meme saying that critics were “reading into a thing that is not there"

--Instagram: David as archer and tornadoes

--While under autopilot control, the Tesla S and its driver, 40 year old Joshua Brown, collided with a truck in Florida; Brown was killed

--A suicide bomber has killed four security officers and injured five others near one of Islam's holiest sites in the Saudi city of Medina

--Hannah Cohen, a 19-year-old disabled teen with a brain tumor, was tackled and bloodied by the TSA

--Holocaust survivor, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, prolific author and outspoken activist Elie Wiesel died Saturday at the age of 87

--Voicemail on cigarette legality and taxation

--On the Bonus Show: Deadly car bombings in Baghdad, people buy veggies if emojis point to them, ISIS recruiter bails on Syria trip, more...

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